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Customer Reviews & Testimonials 

"I highly recommend FarmHouse Doodles to anyone who is looking for a sweet doodle to give a forever home to. My experience with Shauny was the BEST experience ever. She was very communicative- via email and text. Shauny sent me weekly photos and videos of my growing puppy so I could get to know her from afar. She went above and beyond by keeping my puppy an extra month while I was out of the country for work, and then delivered her to me, in Los Angeles, after I returned! I have the most loving, mild mannered, head turning chocolate doodle and I can't get enough of her. These puppies grow up on a large farm, surrounded by children, and are in the best hands.  Shauny and I continue to keep in touch and I love that we're connected. If I get another doodle I know exactly where it will be coming from- Farmhouse Doodles!"

-Andre Darnell Myers

 (Los Angeles, CA) 

"It's crazy how a little search on Instagram led us to FarmHouse Doodles. After connecting with the breeder and putting a deposit down on our puppy, Hippo, I can honestly say it was the best experience my husband and I have ever had! Shauny was great at sending us photos and videos, keeping us informed on her vet visits, and going out of her way to make sure the process to pick up Hippo was an easy one! My husband and I can't wait to get another doodle in the future and will definitely return to FarmHouse Doodles". 

-Cassie Harvey

(Las Vegas, NV)

"From the day we picked up Levi he has been one of the best dogs we could ask for. We were very happy to find Shauny and our chocolate doodle. We are very grateful to have Levi. He is smart and loving. He fits perfectly with our family. We will soon get another doodle and hoping Farmhouse Doodles has some when we are ready".

-Teri Derosa

(Lake Havasu, AZ)

"Shauny was amazing through the entire process from picking out our puppy to picking him up. She was very easy to get a hold of and answered any questions we had. She gave us regular updates of our puppy. She even sent pictures and videos. We love our dog so much and we are so happy that we chose FarmHouse Doodles. Our dog is so well behaved and brings so much joy to our family. I would recommend Shauny and FarmHouse Doodles for purchasing a beautiful goldendoodle". 

-Jenny Rogers

(Laguna Niguel, CA)

"Thank you for bringing such a wonderful pet into all of our lives! We are still amazed everyday just how smart she is and how well socialized she was when we got her! She's a natural on a leash too, walks and park visits are fun and easy. We can already take her off the leash to play fetch with her at the park. She has never strayed away or darted for another dog! She is absolutely perfect...all the time! We love her soooooo much...all of us have the hardest time being productive because she's so fun, cuddly, and lovey! We have to force ourselves to go to work and school. In fact, we've already decided that our next puppy (in a year or so) is DEFINITELY coming from FarmHouse Doodles again". 

-Shae Gawlak

(Temecula, CA)

"FarmHouse Doodles is a-ma-zing! Not only did we get the best dog for our family but FarmHouse Doodles was kind, patient, loyal, and easy to do business with. We first inquired about the litter over the holidays and even then we had responses within an hour. Every question we asked was answered promptly. We received updates and pictures as our "baby" was growing! FarmHouse Doodles treated our "baby" with love and cannot imagine getting him through any other breeder. Our little Jordy is everything we imagined and more! Thank you FarmHouse Doodles!"

-Molly O'Connor

 (El Paso, TX)

"Getting a puppy from FarmHouse Doodles was one of the best decisions I made! The process was simple but informative and she kept me updated every step of the way. Constantly sending pictures of my puppy and I could tell how much love and care this family has for them. Once the puppy arrived it was pure magic, love at first sight. Absolutely beautiful, loving, smart, and with his Father's eyes...simply magnificent. Thank you so much, I recommend getting a puppy from FarmHouse Doodles 100%."

-Nicolas Vargas

(Miami, FL)

Our experience with Shauny at Farmhouse Doodles was a dream. I couldn't imagine finding our puppy any other way now that we have him.

After deciding which puppy was going to be best for us, he immediately became part of our family. I was worried about the distance between us, but Shauny made it a seamless process that made us feel connected to our pup every day.

She sent us videos and pictures, and in the weeks leading up to picking him up,  we felt like we knew him and were connected to him. Shauny did a good job of sending us pictures and videos regularly, and when our kids would beg us for a new picture, she would quickly send one for us to obsess over. 

Marshall was a dream dog from the moment we held him and drove 6 hours from Arizona to our home in Las Vegas. He is so gentle and loving and has the best demeanor of any dog I've ever known. I know I am slightly biased, but I can't imagine having a better dog for our family.

I was very worried about getting a puppy with two small children (7 year old and 4 year old), but he has always been extremely gentle and sweet with them, despite their roughness and with him. He takes it all like a champ.

My husband already jokes that he is ready for Farmhouse Doodles to have another litter so Marshall can have a sibling. If we do decide to get another, Farmhouse Doodles will be a MUST for us. 

We really could not have been happier with this experience. Getting to know our pup before he was officially ours was a privilege we were so incredibly grateful to have. And his overall personality, intelligence, and behavior are beyond what we ever expected from a puppy.  He is just perfect. We are forever thankful to Farmhouse Doodles for giving us our dream dog. 

-The Sullivan Family

(Las Vegas, NV)

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